About Me

Hello! I am Sneha.

A lawyer turned full-time artist / illustrator / designer.

I work from home. I work as an illustrator, and I make designs that other people buy and use in their personal and professional projects. I find my work on stationery of all kinds, home decor items like plates & mugs, fabrics, logo designs & brand identity, marketing materials, book covers and counting (every time I see my work in the wild, it’s a bit of thrill for me!). If you’re very curious, you can see my work stuff here.

A lot of things I write here are informed by my unique position of someone who works from home – if you’ve ever done it – you know what I mean. And also generally about the life, thoughts & feelings of a twenty something (soon to be thirty something *calms down and quietly chants “age is just a number”*).

I currently live in Delhi with my husband (who is a lawyer (yes, we met in college!)), but I have grown up all over the place (Puri, Bhubaneswar, Agartala, Mumbai, Bangalore). I’ve changed school 7 times and the longest I’ve lived in a dwelling unit is 4 years (and counting).

I love chatting about funny things, travel, possibilities in life and how we should always listen to our gut, philosophical things, and reading about interesting people, observational literature, psychology (especially group psychology – any one who’s studying marketing is basically studying social & group psychology – and as a business owner, I read up on marketing all the time). My all time favourite books are the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and I find a deep sense of comfort and the feeling of being understood in her characters.

Welcome to my little land of every day happenings & the occasional ramble-y “Dear Diary” moments.