About Me

Hello! I am Sneha. This is a completely personal blog where I write little things that I make mental notes about. I’ve had a personal blog ever since blogs came into existence (i.e. since I was a youthful teen), and have pretty much kept it up with a few breaks in between.

I had gotten off the blogging bandwagon when I started working full time after college (as a lawyer). After a few years (and a few career changes – I work as a full time creative professional now), I had a phase when I wasn’t really feeling like myself, and felt a bit lost (internally). That’s when I re-read almost every single blog post from my old blog from my teenage days. That really made me feel like ME again, and I realised how wonderful it is to have a little documentation of your honest thoughts and ramblings, the small things of daily life, the fleeting thoughts and opinions which come and go in life. Those little things make up the best part of life, and I want to keep a small record of it in whatever way possible. Just to may be re-read them myself some time.

I love chatting about funny things in every day life, travel, planning travel, philosophical things, and reading wholesome books, psychology, spiritual things. I still use a paper planner and like to obsessively plan things. My all time favourite books are the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and I find a deep sense of comfort and the feeling of being understood in her characters.

Welcome to my little land of every day happenings & the (not so) occasional ramble-y “Dear Diary” moments.