EAB and EAB Adjace Updates

It seems whatever workout streaming website I join ends up with a “platform update hiatus” and the minute I leave it (after months of waiting for said update to come to its conclusion), it’s all up and running. *insert WTH face*

I have been a Physique57 devotee for a long time (think years), but in 2018 – mid 2019, there were too many promises of regular new classes, and subsequent lack of the same. So I got fed up, and left. I had a special monthly price which I’d snagged during 2018 Black Friday Sale. But I hadn’t used the platform in weeks because (a) the workouts got my IT Bands tight that needed regular foam rolling and LOTS of stretch time (I still loved them because they are very effective, sigh!) and (b) lack of new content.

I cancelled my Physique57 subscription during August 2019 by which time I’d signed up for Dancebody Online (dance cardio based workout) (which also I LOVE and is something I can see myself becoming a devotee of). HOWEVER, now in October 2019, we learn that Dancebody Online platform is undergoing some updates and will be back to regular updates sometime later in “the winter”. Separately, Physique57’s online platform has been getting regular new content every week!!! Arrrghhh. Talk about frustrating.

Separately, EAB (Exercise Accountability Buddy program) has gone for a toss. In that, we are still EABs, but have both been rather slack about our exercise which (along with consumption of copious quantities of buttery baked goods & creme brulee in France followed by “Diwali Diet”) has led to the regain of the weight that had been lost in July & August – the peak of our EAB success.

TCG and I are hoping to be back in top gear, exercise wise, by November.

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