A Normal Member of Society…

…would follow the normal calendar of the society they’re living in.

But this rarely happens if you have an online business which does not cater to your “immediate real life society”. And also when you work for yourself, and by yourself.

Diwali office party? What’s that?

4 day break for Diwali? “Diwali holidays are coming up!” *insert blank face*

I can, however, find myself getting excited for Christmas, and I also feel like taking a general break in August because everything slows down during those times of the year. Yes, yes, my business cycle is synced with the western world, and I’m starting to feel the effects of it in a very real way. This is my fourth year in this line of work and finally I can see a pattern emerging.

But, here in Delhi, people don’t really take breaks in August – its monsoon!

And Diwali is a time when things slow down in Delhi, but for me, this is pretty much go go go time because it’s right before Black Friday Sale & Christmas!

I’ve been caught in this conflict of go-go-go and naah-it’s-Diwali! all of this week, and now I’m just waiting for everyone to go back to their workplace once “Diwali break” is over so we can all focus on our work in peace!

2 thoughts on “A Normal Member of Society…

  1. Hahaha..i know of this..my relatives used to work for international banks and they used to face the same problem.. also, you know how everyone has Sunday off..lol thats why we don’t have Sundays off, all clients want to meet on Sunday 🤷

    1. Yaa the Sunday thing was true for me when I was doing Photography for the same reason!! No Sundays is tough (physically and emotionally). No one is free to meet when you are actually properly free (mostly a weekday when others are working), and you are guilt tripped for missing social do-s on the weekend!

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