Books of 2019 – The Zoya Factor, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, The Parisian

Continuing with my Books for 2019 list which I only started in the last week of September, I’m here to make a couple of additions.

I’ve been reading instead of streaming shows in the evening. It’s more relaxing and helps me fall asleep easier. Also, just as entertaining (provided it’s the right book!!).

2. The Zoya factor by Anuja Chauhan – 2/5

I could not get into this book. But I finished reading it.

Why did I pick it up in the first place?

Well, I enjoyed the movie. It was cute and I love happy & sappy romances, and this movie had all of that going on! The kindle version of the book was available for free, so I downloaded it.

I might have liked it if I didn’t already know the major plot points, because the story is quite novel. Apart from that, this book does not do well in my books (hahahha). The language is atrocious and I want to gently shake the editor’s shoulders for missing even basic line editing points (there are many spelling errors, grammatical errors, words that are used incorrectly, etc.); there are numerous “facts” about Cricket which are atrociously wrong (one would expect the author to undertake a basic fact check while she’s spinning her yarn! And at the very least for the publisher to do it if the author hasn’t!); and I really don’t like slang Hinglish in books (which brings us back to language).

It gets 2 (and not 1) only because it’s gripping and for the novel plot, but not much else, really! It is light hearted and entertaining in many ways, so there’s that. Well, I did finish it, and didn’t abandon as I usually do with books I don’t like.

3. The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith – 4/5

This was a nice, soothing, comforting read. It’s quite gripping and entertaining even though there aren’t too many major or unexpected twists and turns.

It introduces the main characters in the series, and there are some simple (and cute) (and very predictable) mysteries that are solved. But I enjoyed it, and plan to keep reading this series because I love this author’s style and his little observations and nuggets of wisdom peppered through out the book.

I docked one point for how simple the mysteries were; and how everyone conveniently did what Mma Ramotswe would want them to – needs some amount of suspension of disbelief.

I have procured the next two books in this series, and the first one in the Isabel Dalhousie series by the same author. Excited about those!

The Parisian by Isabella Hamad 

I started this book and really wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t get into it! It has not been engaging at all. Since I’ve abandoned this book, I haven’t numbered it. May be I’ll get back to it at a later point in life.

Currently reading Circe by Madeline Miller , and finding it quite dull really. Hope it picks up soon!!

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