The Weird Sisters are Back – with Yanny & Laurel explanation

For those who are utterly stumped by the notion of Weird Sisters (side note: first of all, please read Harry Potter, thank you very much), let me clarify.

Weird Sisters is the most apt moniker which BlowOwner uses to describe her sister & herself. All thanks to the genius of J.K. Rowling, who, I am positive was influenced by the realities of life with her own sister, coined this phrase. Well in the books it referred to a musical band – but, you know – BlogOwner and her sister have even been a musical team of two in the past (singing & recording songs together, putting up performances for the parentals on special occasions like their birthdays – yes, we were those kids).

Anyhoo, coming back to the point of how exactly the Weird Sisters are back

Today, BlogOwner was met with a rather (totally) (would be shocked if it didn’t happen) expected bout of afternoon slump. Which of course led her to randomly browse the internet (is this even thought of as net addiction anymore?) and stumble upon the Internet War of The Month – Yanny vs. Laurel.

Here’s the original clipping – do you hear Yanny or Laurel? (click on the link in the first tweet to hear it)

This obviously meant BlogOwner had to do some in depth research on the matter, as she only heard Yanny, and could not hear Laurel no matter how much she tried (and try she did – her left ear was numb to high pitch tones for a while after a loop of 20 Yannys in alien-speak).

Many of Twitteratti claimed they heard Laurel – and only Laurel. Even Ellen said so.

So then what’s a girl to do?

Youtube, duh.

Quite naturally, there were already dozens of videos “explaining” Yanny vs. Laurel – none of which actually explained anything. Most of them claimed that there was frequency overlapping yada yada, and Yanny was high, Laurel was low, and those sensitive to one could hear that. Neat, but the audio sounded rather standard to me (not excessively high frequenc-ied) Note, that up to this point, BlogOwner could still not hear Laurel.

Then she chanced upon this video where she could at least hear the Laurel.

Of course, since it’s on Youtube, it is Gospel right? Like, people don’t just put up nonsense on Youtube. Youtube is the destination for serious research.

So, armed with this explanation, BlogOwner decides to poll people in her real life (all 5 of them).

She posts it on her Girls Whatsapp group – two of the three girls are on holiday and are naturally not inclined to waste their precious time at a beach/historic sight/ Napolitan pizza place looking at a dumb Internet Debate Video – like who does that? (**raises hand sheepishly**)

BlogOwner also posted the original Yanny vs. Laurel video on her family Whatsapp group.  This is what happened next:

Husband: Yanny

Mother: Yanny

SisterAnd this is how Hitler convinced an entire nation to murder Jews.

Remember that.

BlogOwner: *wait. what? This-is-a-stupid-internet-joke-not-evil-propaganda puzzled face* *unable to type* *in complete shock*

SisterThe original source of this is probably reddit or 4chan and some of the biggest trolls live over there

BlogOwner: *regaining speech & cognitive function* Yes… it did originate on Reddit…

Sister: Every human will hear Yanny

The ones who hear Laurel would never hear Laurel if you didn’t tell them Yanny or Laurel or told them something else

…. insert more explanation on #TeamYanny…..

Don’t believe everything

Be tolerant and also always question

BlogOwner: *dumbfounded by level of depth in analysis of an Internet Debate* *mind boggled AF between (a) being inexplicably offended that her stupid Yanny or Laurel forward didn’t attract light hearted banter as expected and (b) being stumped by how this haha-check-out-my-afternoon-slump-meandering had turned into deep conversation which required thinking, which admittedly was low on her priority list given said afternoon slump* 

*recovering from said stupor*

*makes politically-incorrect but self-gratifyingly-funny remarkLaurel is the new acche din. Can’t hear it, can’t see it, everything out there suggests the contrary, but it’s allegedly there!

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