Routinised Creativity – Challenge Rejected…

….and rejected rather badly.

So. The short story is that I’ve dumped this challenge for now.


By default actually. I didn’t stick to it for 2 continuous days after starting.

Now before you go around tut-tutting me about “giving up” “not giving it a fair chance” and “trying harder” (side note: hate the last one with particular gusto), let me tell you something about myself.

I’m not a kid. I’ve seen myself for many, many years. And I know that when a routine is truly beneficial for me, the biggest sign is that I’m excited about it & look forward to it from Day 1.

I don’t have to “make myself” like anything – either it hits a chord, or it doesn’t.

Over the years I’ve spent (edit: wasted) many a time and useful energy which could’ve been doing useful things (or watching Netflix – hey, watching Netflix is better than spending time berating yourself for something completely random) in “trying to get myself to do stuff” that didn’t quite fit. I’ve learnt through experience, that when it doesn’t hit a chord from the very beginning, it has usually not proven to be of much value to me.

Now, this is absolutely not to say that every body should do this and those who stick to annoying routines and try to plough on and try to get “get done with it” should change their ways. Quite the opposite.

For me, “getting stuff done” attitude is not nearly as optimal as “la la la, lets DO this, b*&^%es!”

So, I’m not going to push on with the routine that didn’t quite work for me. It just didn’t get my juices flowing, I sort of dreaded that particular time block on the second day – and refused to cooperate with my own Challenge. Well.

Now that we’ve made our introductions, we can take this thing somewhere.

One thought on “Routinised Creativity – Challenge Rejected…

  1. I love this coming-of-age acceptance of yourself. Its so refreshing. I guess its safe to say that we do know ourselves a little bit and its good not to beat yourself about something that you dont want to do organically and instead do something that comes naturally to you. I loved this.

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