Net Addiction Circa 2006 versus Today

I found this old GEM of a post about addiction to the Internet from my old blog, which I wrote many, many years ago.

Oh little did teenage BlogOwner know about what’s going to ensue in the next decade and how she’d be looking back at her teenage self thinking “she was so damn tame“.

Without further ado, here are my perceptions of Net Addiction from 2006:

7.30 am……

Net-addict(NA) has just woken up. She had a glass of juice while charting out a mental schedule for herself (an extremely ambitious one that too). After having juice, she is supposed to do her homework, but she feels this inexplicable, incredibly strong urge to rush to the pc, switch it on and surf away to glory. What if there is a new mail? A new comment? A new something? This urge surpasses her already weak will-power(which is known to have betrayed her to such an extent that she ate up full boxes of belgian chocolate(yumm…) at a go on many occasions till date) and she is on her way to the pc. She may spend only 10 mins online, but she simply has to do it.

2 pm…….

NA has had her lunch. She should be preparing for her classes in the evening. Yet, strangely enough, she finds herself drawn to the pc the way iron filings are drawn to a magnet. She tries to resist. She takes her books to the other room. Somehow, she starts feeling so thirsty that she absolutely must get up and go to the pc room, the room where her bottles are also present. However, in a bizarre(?) turn of events she takes a detour to the pc even before she has reached the bottles. PC switched on. Net working. NA has given in. Again. SMS from friend arrives.

“Hey, what r u doin?”

“Er… Iam online. Sorrryyyy 🙁

A surge of guilt takes over. NA promises to blog about this in the hope of alleviating her angst and guilt for being unable to control her whims.


NA has returned from her classes. This is normally the time when she can do all her fun-things without feeling guilty since 9-10pm is her destress time. She blogs about her addiction. Her inability to work untill she has a shot of mail-checking, blog-reading, and other net-related things.

She thinks, probably no one has even got an idea that behind that ‘normal’ exterior, there lies a hidden, dangerous, compulsive, wicked net-addict. A net-addict who wants to be normal. “

To this, I, modern day REAL net-addict say: Girl, cut yourself some slack, and chill the eff out.

This little jog down memory lane makes me shudder rather vigorously to what might be considered as “REAL” net-addiction 10 years hence. Will how much time we take off from our virtual glasses? Will be able to be “online” while we sleep? *throws hands up in the air emoji*

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  1. Wow I just got transformed back into time. Seriously, we could not have imagined the level of net addiction that has taken hold of everybody today. I struggle to keep my son away from it and he is almost-2 years old. Conpared to this, 2006 was a charming time 🙁 🙂

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