Creating Everyday by Routine – Challenge Accepted

I’m a creation junkie.

I would like to believe I’m a “prolific creator”, because I’m happiest when I look at a nice little bundle of things I’ve just given rise to.

I’m someone who tries to build routines all the time, to support said creation.

I think every creator of any kind (artist, writer, business person, any one really, who makes something out of nothing, that, by the way is my definition of “creator“) has faced this challenge at some point – how do I create, and keep creating good quality material consistently while also enjoying myself in the process?”

There are many components to this question:

  • how do I create
  • how do I keep creating
  • good quality material
  • consistently
  • while also enjoying myself in the process

The reason why most creators ended up, sort of getting addicted  to creating was because of the way it made them feel – good, to put it rather simplistically (it’s a feeling of utmost joy & accomplishment, from a state of flow, where you enjoy and thrive in the feeling of being in that moment, not realising the minutes or hours pass by, and the joy of beholding something that you have created literally out of nothing).

But, most of us also feel at some point, and we have reached a bit of a stumbling block. And are often searching for the best way to make it as easy as possible for us to tune out every thing else, and simply create.

At this stage, your logical mind must most naturally be enquiring “Erm, then why don’t you do just that – tune out and create? Why are you writing pointless articles like this?

Well, because, intelligent reader, the reason is that at times it seems quite an arduous task to tune out. There are so much distractions readily available that tuning out of one thing mostly leads to tuning into something else. While creating takes a backseat.

Ever felt like you know you want to lose those 10 pounds and that you know that you need to exercise and eat well, yet you don’t end up doing it. When you do do it, it feels good, right?

Yet, you don’t do it?

It’s futile to doubt your intentions of doing it – because just like those yearly resolutions and tax deadlines – they are always there. Yet, it doesn’t get done.

Now you say, “okay, all that is great but what are YOU doing about it?

I recently read this informative article The Daily Routine of 20 Famous Writers – yes I am the sort of person who googles about other people’s habits & routines during my “breaks”.

The common thread I found was this – most of them committed to blocking off a chunk of time around creating as a routine.

I’m a total sucker for routines so I’m thinking of giving this a try.

Are there challenges? YES.

Like, blocking off all distractions.

Doing the same thing at the same time every day (even weekends).

Sticking to it when it feels like its getting me nowhere.

Am I going to try? Yes. Because I’ve noticed massive gains in my work life when I have committed to a particular kind of routine.

I shall try to report over here how my routine goes.

The Routine that I’ve set for myself is this:

Create every single day from 730 am – 11 am.

It’s not difficult really. I any way usually work at this time. The challenge is this – all work is not “creation”. In fact, most “work” in my line of work is not creation really. But creation is obviously critical to work – as you see, I am an artist.

Well this challenge has already cause one good thing to happen – I wrote this article out.

A bit of a self fulfilling prophecy, but I think this thing works!

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