Work from Home – What it Means to Different People

To people I’ve just met and have unsuccessfully tried to explain what I do for a living:

Netflix – Friends on repeat – laundry – eat – nap – work (may be?) – Facebook – enjoy the benefits of work-life-balance

(a.k.a. the dreamer’s conception of work-life-balance) (at which I usually gurgle and point out that life becomes work and work becomes life – interpret that as you will)

(sidenote: they are the ones who are most disappointed to learn that I have a normal routine like everybody else)

To most of family:

Free, in general. Might on occasion be indulging in some abstract notion of “work”, mostly just as a hobby or for fun.

(a.k.a. it’s ok to treat my weekdays like a weekend or public holiday) (I normally have to remind them that the operative part of “work from home” is the work bit)

(sidenote: completely unaware of the digital economy)

To my friends:

Whatsapp – work – Instagram – work – whatsapp – whatsapp – whatsapp

(sidenote: due to the alarming speed at which I read and respond to whatsapp messages) (this may be hotly contested by some, but true for most)

To my mom:

Work – not put enough thought into my meals – eat – work – work – work

Separately, not to be disturbed M-F 8 am – 5 pm (but I can call her whenever I want)

To my sister:

Soul sister and is painfully aware of what my day is actually like because of the unsolicited and unnecessary details I incessantly share with her (also, she is a work from home creative too – and so she’s clued in on this little world)

To my husband:

wake up – go back to sleep – wake up again – eat breakfast – laze – not change out of pajamas – emails – work – work – work – enquire about his ETA – be found in pajamas (does not notice if they are different from the morning pajamas)

(a.k.a. pajama + productivity central with a little bit of procrastination)

(sidenote 2: most days he refuses to believe that I change out of pajamas and into proper clothes, and change back into pajamas before he’s home) (which is the truth. most days) (ok, some days)


4 thoughts on “Work from Home – What it Means to Different People

  1. In the last one, you forgot the part of about eating all the snacks in the house. Also, I know you work out.
    Also, yes, I refuse to believe you change out of pajamas and back into the same pajamas (you inform me when they’re different pajamas, and this is not often) because that makes no sense

  2. Heyyyyy I think you work!! Just because I incessantly whatsapp doesn’t mean I expect a real time reply 😛 Also why wear proper clothes at home and ‘waste’ them?! They’re also usually not comfy unless they’re salwars or… pajamas! So I’m with Yaman on this 😛

  3. Hahaha..this is so funny. Although I feel working from home is more difficult that going to office. Because self -motivation and self – regulation are a very big deal. When you report to no one and hold full responsibility over your work, its so commendable. So proud of you. I admire your ability to persist and come out with a joke every time. Lots of love!

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